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One of the most important assets in life is your reputation. It precedes you wherever you go and defines how you are viewed by society at large. Among other things, your reputation can be the difference between exciting new opportunities, offers of employment, the trust of your colleagues, and chances to serve your community or receiving nothing at all.

If your reputation has been unfairly attacked or harmed by falsehoods, we are here to help you fight back. Whether you’ve been defamed via the internet, social media, print media, or any other platform, out team at GS Brar Law will help you set the record straight and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

In addition to representing you in your legal action, we are here to:

  • Help you navigate anti-SLAPP legislation and Ontario’s evolving body of case law;
  • Access and utilize alternative methods to correcting the harm to your reputation;
  • Track down “anonymous” defendants;
  • Advise media outlets before and after the publication of stories and statements;
  • Have defamatory statements retracted and removed from public access; and
  • Help professionals recover compensation for defamatory statements left on “ratings” websites.

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